I’ll admit I’m a little on the drunk side of life right now…

But this boy is like totally stealing my heart away. He just did a total first for me… He dedicated a song to me. Beautiful Child. Stevie Nix.

Its been a good night. I got to go bar hopping for the first time really, and with my man.


Some skinhead dude just got kicked in the mouth by Rory twice!!!!!

Go Rory!


So like I don’t know where I was…

Oh yes. Bar hopping with Russ. That was kewl but evidentally I didn’t stay long enough to witness the drama. And shit. I even wore my ring of power. That I guess is the official dubbing of my dragon ring. Adopted just tonight.

Anyway. It was really kewl hanging out with Russell and my friends. I think they all like this dude I’m seeing and he likes them. And really that is freaking amazing because it occured to me that in general that isn’t the case.

So I’m pretty stoked.

Anyway… There is an almost full bottle of Smirnoff Ice waiting for me to devour it and get more wasted…. and the peeps are on their way over where I will hear all about the fight from the source!

Jeepers Creepers.

And Kyle… for some reason I just had the notion that I should say I totally miss you too. And I did get your IM but I was in my boss’ office for most of it and I’m afraid that I belong to the Microsoft Collective and you know how we are. 🙂

And Jimmy… GRIN

So um, okay… goodnight all for now.

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  1. Well, I will be returning to your continent this month. So hopefully you and Russell will get your butts to Oregon and we’ll go out and have real fun this time. (I promise I will not have OTO things to do ALL weekend… although I might be able to scam a party.)

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