Star Trek Nemesis

If ever I needed proof that my shear will alone could shape reality, this movie is it.

Over the years since Voyager’s first tragic voyage, I have come to see bits and pieces of my dream really enter the Trek Universe. This movie’s title is the culmination of it all.

Star Trek Nemesis really began as a project by two young sci-fi enthusiasts who saw the genre’s potential, but were not pleased with the current realization of that potential. (Enterprise had me going a bit in the first season, but this second one hasn’t quite grasped me. Maybe when the Suliban return). So we began collaborating. I remember having to toss our conceptual art on the starship Nemesis because Voyager had too many similar features to it that it wasn’t a far enough away concept anymore. (Nemesis was set further into the future than even the final stardate in Captain Janeway’s log.) The Prometheus had regenerative shielding. Voyager than “discovered” slip-stream technology which was eerily similar to how I envisioned the new “Super-Warp” (Strato-warp was a name we used for awhile) looking.

And I was particularly struck by the new Romulan Warbird that appears in the upcoming Trek feature which has the name that Dan and I so carefuly constructed. I’m afraid the NX-254160 will not be making its voyage afterall. To much of what we wanted (There are even fairly legit rumors that Riker will command his own ship in a new series that runs concurrent with Enterprise. ) is already a part of Trek reality.

But I have a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I will get to go to a theater and see my title on the big screen. Satisfaction that all the time and energy I put into designing my trek-universe has not been futile. A piece of my vision (several actually) are now part of Trek.

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    1. Re: Kyle’s commentary…
      Depends on what you mean by part of this? From a purely production standpoint, I had nothing to do with it. 🙂 Just that a lot of the ideas that Dan and I came up with have somehow found their way into the genre, through what I believe to be my shear will and belief that it would come to pass.

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