Still alive and kicking….

Russell told me I should write in this thing because all of you are probably wondering where the hell I’ve been.

Well, not far. Just my usual. I had a blast at my Halloween party. It was Rory and My 5th celebration of the dark holiday. That is a really long time for me to have known someone. (Sad I know). There aren’t many I’ve known longer.

Lets see…

So Phil from Florida has finally moved to Reno. Jimmy came with him which is really cool. I’ve been enjoying hanging out with them. Tonight, the four of us (me and russ and those two boys) are all supposed to go hit a club or two. Should be fun.

Um. Lets see.

My new computer is built and more or less functioning. I’m tinkering with the networking right now. Trying to get my LAN and WAN to cooperate.

Well, thats all she wrote for now.

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