2002: Retrospectacle

So here I sit a wee bit shy of an hour away from 2002. Still no flying cars. Instead I’m in a priest suit, with a clown hat on painting a married couple. Great. I got $39 dollars for it. And wow. That crashed my little game. Guess its time to write write write. [Edit: 12/23/2010: I’ll assume I was referring to The Sims Online.]

Well, this year has seen its share of catastrophie and goodness. Financially things are a mess right now, though there is a wee ray of hope. My stepfather we have recently learned has quite advanced throat cancer. Probably will be okay though, but could likely lose his voicebox.

I’m into my sixth month of Russell. Things with him are going quite well much to my surprise. We’ve exceed a gay milestone, three months.

I need to go visit my folks.

In work life, i’ve finally landed in Xbox. Hooray hooray. Still learning, but I get to do some systems testing which should be pretty educational. I like it so far. Good opportunities.

2002 was a year like any other year. Sure it was a bit surreal on September the 11 and October the 12. 10/12 was the 1 year anniversary of anthrax. Actually it was only surreal on September 11, cause I knew without a doubt that a year ago that day there were not any airplanes flying over me (as I watched some fly over me).

I guess that 2002 has seen a bit of hardening in me. My greatest flaw is my compassion. I tend to be too compassionate, often times to my own suffering. And that is just a bad feedback loop.

I also learned this year that there is some evidence to suggest that human intelligence is also the result of a feedback loop. Didn’t know that, did you?

Lets see…. I dunno. I still play video games. mmm… cherry soda….

My teeth are improving, yes. More specifically the gums aren’t “as inflamed” as the charts previously mentioned so i’m doing good.

now to fill these damn cavities. well the rest of them.

So um, yeah. Like 2002 was cool and all, but like I really don’t know what was very special about it…

EXCEPT that i got a pretty freakin awesome boyfriend. He better stick around too.

1/27/03 will mark our 6 month mark… an important milestone in the forging of a long-term-relationship.

Well aidios my children. Happy new year and best of luck to you. I know not this year’s motto.

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