I feel like a man

Last night I got a lesson in brakes. I changed the brakes on my car all by myself. Well, I had the ‘instructor’ looking over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t f it up, but lo and behold I have new brake pads and a car that doesn’t squeal like a pig when I drive it.

Anyway, Iā€™m kind of not scared of car mechanics anymore. When I saw how deceptively simple the brakes were, it just sort of took the fear I have about touching the workings of my car and tossed them out the airlock.

Having got my tired torqued on correctly now, the Defiant is ready to resume normal operations.

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    1. I skip gay pride every year
      Reno’s pride affair is a joke, and now they want to charge me to go in and partake in that joke.
      I’m not particularly prideful of my homosexuality. Its such a miniscule part of who I am. I’m more proud to be healthy and mature adult.

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