Well. I talked to both of my parental units today. Kinda strange.

My stepfather’s cancer has come back. Its in his liver, its in his bones, and its probably in his brain too. My mom says he’s started hallucinating.

I guess its now just a matter of how comfortable we can make his last days. 🙁 My poor mom. I really feel bad for her. Her husband probably won’t make it until Christmas. The red cross is trying to pull my brother out of Iraq so he can get home, and I guess he and his wife are going to help me with airfare so I can fly out there too. Good thing that I get to leverage my company’s buying power. Round-trip tickets out to Georgia are only in the $400 ballpark. Not bad for last minute shopping.

Anyway, my father has decided to come visit me for Thanksgiving. He got a job that has him working out in Mammoth Mountain, so he’s only about a 3-hour drive away. should be fun. i haven’t seen him in many many years so i’m a little nervous about it. ya know, gotta make sure everything is perfect.

And on top of all this, i’m in the middle of moving! I don’t get to keep my house. Not enough $$$ to do it really, and i’m tired of fighting the bank. So away it goes. The hearing was today actually, but since i’m not contesting it, i didn’t go. The good part about moving, is that i’m only moving next door. So I don’t have to give up anything amenity-wise.

Oh and I’m sick still too. Stupid flu or whatever it was kicked my arse, and now its progressed to bronchitis. Oh well, i got antibiodics today, and an enhaler, so maybe i’ll start feeling better. Guess I should take my multi-vitamins!

all right, back to work!

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