From my mom: Terrible News

I decided to capture this email I got from my mom. Its something I already knew, but for those of you so inclined, good energy would be a help:

Some of you I haven’t had a chance to call yet. Please don’t take it personally. I’m only hanging on by a thread right now. My husbands cancer is back. It’s bad. There is nothing that is going to work this time. He is in alot of pain and losing his fight quickly. Please keep us in your prayers.
I’m trying my best to make his last days as good as I can.Anyone who wants to visit is welcome. Cards would be nice too. Anything that might bring him a bit of cheer. Only God knows how much time he has left here on this earth,but I doubt it will be very long.Please pray for us often.It is so very hard.—Cyndie

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