2004 and you

I wanted to share a poem my mom sent me. I’m not sure who it is by, but she got it on a widows support group she belongs to on Yahoo. (widowsfortysomethingandunder):

— What The New Year Holds

So what will the New Year hold?
What mysteries will this year unfold?
Will it be joy and endless peace?
Or will it wreak havoc and terror unleash?

I will reveal and let you see,
There’s absolutely no doubt what will be.
So listen my friends as I make it clear, What you can expect during the coming year.

There will be peace and joy all about,
There will be reasons for a hallelujah shout.
There will be abundance on every hand,
Sufficiency in all for woman and man.

There will be much strife and fear that chills.
There will be terrors untold and the thing that kills.
There will be missed love and hearts will be void.
There will be lack and want and dreams destroyed.

Both righteousness and sin will roam the land, Faithfulness and betrayal you understand.
Husbands and wives will love and smile.
Husbands and wives will go to trial.

Children will make their parents proud.
Children will follow the wrong crowd.
Leaders will rise above the call.
Leaders will stumble, and then they’ll fall.

The world will have its trouble and pain.
Some will think that it’s gone insane.
Yet beauty and majesty will still somehow rise, It will climb from the depths to claim the prize.

All of these things I promise will be.
It’s a proven fact of history.
It will be this year as it has in the past.
The best and the worst but none of it lasts.

So don’t be concerned what tomorrow will bring.
Or this year or that or summer or spring.
Life is not really made of years.
It’s made of seconds and smiles and tears.

Find joy right now instead of sorrow.
Live today well, stop worrying about tomorrow.
It will be this year as it’s always been.
For the kingdom of heaven is still within.

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