another strange dream

this one may well be a good plot for a movie.

but it was about these white discs that flew around the skies… and all the people were put to sleep. Me, along with a small band of other young people (i’m not clear whether i was my present age, or a kid in this dream), somehow escaped this fate as we were in the mountains… but we snuck home and made it back to whatever place it was my family was staying at. Some beach-house we were vacationing at.. with a small dock right off the back door.

Anyway, I made my way inside it, narrowly escaping detection by these white disc UFO things… and found my entire family asleep in the front of the house.

Then, my borg-like qualities sprung out and I attempted assimilation to wake them and ensure they were okay and not going to turn me in to the aliens…

but then i woke up so i don’t know what happened from there.

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