Weird dreams

Well, dreams are weird by nature.

So in this dream i was in a house that wasn’t mine, but it was in the dream. And my step-father’s spirit was haunting me. And not in a benign way, though on post-wake-up analysis, I don’t really see what all the fuss was about.

Though I guess removing things from the wall is probably not good. There was some device or hanging of some form that was actually hanging over a window completely hiding the fact that it was a window… until of course it was removed and I could see that it was a boarded up window with one of those fans that rest in them still there and unplugged.

But anyway I remember strongly that he would put my sister’s yellow blanket around his waste (think invisible man here because I didn’t see him at all.. just what he was doing) and then turn on the faucets.

Actually in the dream he was scaring me with all this and almost without thinking (i love that i have my wits about me even in sleep), I started placing banishing pentagrams where he was standing… and the yellow blanket moved off down the hall and as I went to follow, I found it lying on the ground obviously chewed on by a dog.

Dream ended sometime after that.

I did just bring his ashes up into my room last night. Curious if that has anything to do with it.

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  1. something weird about this
    The wall-hanging apparatus… a wooden box just affixed to the wall like its a shelf. Well Mike, the dude I’ve been hanging out with the past couple of days, has this same contraption on his wall.

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