Puppy Love

I’m pretty convinced that Dax has chosen me as his master over Russell. Dogs do that. They pick their own master. So even though I got Dax for Russell, Dax chose me instead.

Just seemed really evident last night. Russell came by to see him and get his mail…

And while Dax seemed interested in seeing Russell, Dax gets far more excited when I return home. And my roommate tells me he really misses me when I am not at home.

So I dunno. It’s looking like Dax will be happier living with me.

Blah! I’ve been awake too long. Got up around 4:00ish… laid in bed til about 4:30… cause Jeff needed a ride to the airport and my dumb self volunteered! actually, it isn’t really all that bad. i don’t mind doing it. gets me to work early (i just come here straight from the airport) and then i get to cut out of work early too.

I’ve got some kids coming over from Mendive Middle School today to do some work for me. I’m pretty stoked about it. Easy day. Everything I required of myself to have done today was wrapped up by 6:30 this morning… only an hour or so after I stumbled into the office.


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