water ice on mars

i am very very excited. Mars Express, the orbiter recently arrived at Mars and launched by the European Space Agency, has confirmed the presence of water ice on Mars’ southern polar cap. The chemical signatures have been detected, and well, this is the first actually confirmed finding of water on Mars. We’ve long suspected it is there… and evidence suggests that Mars is abundant in water, though it is all frozen beneath the surface. The notion has even been postulated that Mars is experiencing its own ice age… which could mean that one day, Mars will have liquid water again. There is evidence of global warming already occurring on Mars. (Venus too.) Kinda makes one wonder if mankind is really causing global warming here on Earth, or if it is a purely natural event.

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  1. Is it the first proof or the first time they have admitted it? (asks the conspiracy theorist) But really, there are compelling reasons to keep such information secret.
    About global warming (you’ll like this one…) : it is a natural phenomenon. The warming that is occuring on Earth is “natural” although it is severaly accelerated by industry. But then …. if you ask me, industry is organic. We invented it after all, so how can it not be? (Unless we’re not native to this planet, and then you could still argue that it is organic since we have fully adapated here.)

    1. First direct evidence of water. It has long been suspected, and now we have allegedly found indisputable proof that Mars has water. Evidentally, Mars is pretty rich in water, just nothing liquid that we’ve yet been able to find. All frozen beneath the dust…

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