don’t you just hate it when you realize that you are the cause of the problem?

So I’ve been thinking a bit more since my last post… and have come to a realization.

This is all my fault. Because I have this tendency to keep quiet about things that my roommates do that disrupt my ability to live harmoniously among them, I allow what are small and trivial matters to become big deals to me.

Recycling is a big deal, don’t get me wrong, but the current situation would have been avoided if I had simply voiced my concerns about it years ago. Instead I kept silent, and contributed to the laziness that results in recyclables piling up in the garage instead of going to the curb.

Particularly where it concerns my female roommate have I kept silent. Yeah, it was to avoid conflict, under the pretense that it would contribute to a peaceful household, but all it has done is build up resentment inside me that thus clouds my outlook on matters.

I do stand by my statement though. If my roommates will not recycle, then upon the expiration of my lease, they will no longer be my roommates.

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