I am outraged.

Completely beligerant in my anger and frustration.

What is it about? My very own civil freedoms. The right to hook up, under the law, with a man as a legally recognized same-sex couple.

I am furious that a group formed to fight for these freedoms in Nevada has disbanded after only one defeat. Equal Rights Nevada. You guys are punk bitches all of you. You just lay down and take this when you could be continuing the fight. Infidels!

I looked for their website today because I wanted to get in touch and get my message out there.

Their purpose was simple. Protect the right of gays to marry under the law. (Note that this is under the law, and not under God… but I’ll get to that in a bit).

An amendment was passed by the people of Nevada to state in our constitution that marriage in Nevada would be defined as being between a man and a woman.

Sure it was passed. Was the issue dead? Hell no. It lives on and infuriates many a homosexual. Is Equal Rights Nevada fighting the good fight for us? No. Like a tent they’ve folded up and gone away.

Why? Just because an amendment was passed? Are they that stupid they can not recall history? Are they that stupid they can’t figure out how to exploit the very loophole that allowed this amendment in the first place?

Nevada’s constitution allows for any joe bloe to get an amendment proposed by open vote. It gets put on the ballot. The people vote. Two years later we vote again. If we pass it both times, it becomes part of the constitution.

So why hasn’t Equal Rights Nevada put a new proposal on the ballot to repeal the first? We did it at the federal level with prohibition of alchoal. We amended our US Constitution, and then turned around and amended it right back the way it was. We can do this again in Nevada. We can keep this issue on the table. We can make it clear that we will not just stand down and let our rights to fairness and equality be stripped of us. This is the fucking United States of America. Why is it that Americans everywhere lay down and let the whims of a wealthy few trample the rights of the minority.

Even if every non-gay American was opposed to homosexuality, this nation is founded on principles that demand the will of the majority not override the rights of the minority. Even if every non-gay American said no to same-sex unions, the very fabric of American society demands that their will be ignored, because it infringes upon the rights of the minority.

I would remind each and every American, and especially those American’s elected to public office, that the price of living in a free society is that you must live with things you do not personally agree with.

I do not like reality television. I find it to be grossly immoral and detrimental to “Traditional American Values”. However I understand that this is my belief. I understand that this is a free society and if people want to make such programming, I have to live with it. I don’t have to watch it. I don’t have to participate in it, but I have to accept the fact that it can and does exist and that it has every right to be here in this country.

All that aside…. we’re fighting the wrong fight. Lets over simplify it for the sake of argument. Lets say its Homos against Hets. Homos are for same-sex marriage. Hets are against it. Okay, the stage is set. Game on!

Homos and Hets are both disqualified for arguing the wrong argument.

Lets be very clear here because no one else is stating it. Marriage exists in two forms in the United States. There is the legally recognized institution that all the fuss is about and then there is the religious institution from which marriage originated.

With that said, the solution is very simple. Since there seems to be all this confusion, and it seems like the people of this nation want it legislated (one way or the other) let us focus our legislation on defining what the legal-institution of marriage really is. The religious institution is off-limits thanks to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. And no one is saying the religious institution should be touched anyway. What the Homos in my little over-simplification above are vying for is that they have the same legal recognition in their life-long relationships as the Hets do. Under the very laws governing this nation (and thus the assorted states) this really is technically a non-issue as well. We have to be fair and extend the same rights and privleges to all Americans. Unfortunately our politicians forget the very fundamental values they swore to uphold. So we have to legislate what should be self-evident. So fine. Let’s legislate. I personally like what Vermont did. They made up this wonderful new term called a Civil Union. That term captures the very essence of what the legal institution of marriage is. Two people joined together as one under the law. Perfectly fine. Perfectly acceptable. We need to make legislation that makes it very clear that the law separates marriage from civil union and that the term marriage applies only in the religious context. From a legal standpoint, you are joined in a civil union. In a religious standpoint, you are joined in marriage. Therefore, married couples of the heterosexual variety would also have a civil union under the law. And any two people, whether their private parts were the same or not, would be entitled to that same legal recognition, by getting a civil union license and going before a justice of the peace.

That would do it. We would uphold the Constitution, we would protect the rights of all of our citizens, and we would ensure that no one infringed upon the rights of the Church and the Faithful to dictate what exactly marriage is defined as. Let each church decide for itself whether it will conduct a same-sex marriage, but do not deny any two people in this country, who wish to do so, from entering into a civil union.

Do it. Do it now. Fight for it. All of you Americans out there must do this. We must defend our freedoms before they are stripped from us. The enemy is not terrorists abroad. It is not dictators with weapons of mass destruction. The only real threat to American Civil Liberty is the very people we elected to provide for it. They must be reminded of what America is. They must be reminded who they really work for. You and me, the American people.

Let us not sacrifice the very soul of our nation to force the religious will upon the entire populace. We are one nation with liberty and justice for all… not just those who share the majority religion.

LIBERTY. Do you know what it means? Have you looked it up? The American Heritage dictionary defines it in part as “the condition of being free from restriction and control” and “the right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one’s own choosing.”

LIBERTY. It is what thousands of brave American men and women have given their lives to defend… Let us not dishonor their memories by stripping LIBERTY from anyone, regardless of how we feel about them.

REMEMBER. The price of a free society is having to tolerate things you disagree with.

2 Replies to “FURY AND RAGE”

  1. And I thought I was bitter…
    I love you Shaun, I really do. And I agree with the points you make but take a breather. Don’t go raging around or you might be considered a “terrorist threat.”
    Viva Democrats! Take back the White House 2004!

    1. Re: And I thought I was bitter…
      which would only add fuel to my fire…..
      but lets not get me started on how grossly unconstitutional the patriot act is, or how my ranting (an excercise of my First Amendment rights) could be construed as insurgency.
      though i strongly implore all Americans to do everything under the law (remember, we must remain civil and peaceful in our endeavors) to fight back. Call it a protest if you want. I call it the War on Politics!

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