Post St. Valentine’s Day

I have to say, that this year’s Valentine’s day was by far the very best one that I have ever experienced. Mike is soooo sweet. That boy has designs on my heart. I know it. 🙂

I spent most of Friday evening cleaning my room in preparation for the big day. I knew that we would be putting my spa-tub to good use and wanted to make sure everything was proper.

The room was cleaned, though not quite as perfect as I had hoped. I had to run to work to reprint the little poem that I wrote him as I sorta messed up my first copy mounting it to the red paper.

Then it was off to pick him up and take him out to dinner. When I got there, I found four red heart-shaped balloons and a single rose waiting for me. A card as well with tiding of joy and happiness and how much he looked forward to many more Valentine’s days with me. It was a good meal at the Ruby River. We were both caught off-guard when our waiter comes up to the table, and instead of asking us for our orders or welcoming us or anything, chimes in with “you guys smell good.”

Yes. that is what he said. I think he was trying to gage whether we were in as friends, or in as dates. Either way, it was decent service and always good food.

After dinner we went back to his place and shortly thereafter fell asleep together. The next morning we actually woke up after sleeping in a bit (usually we seem to wake up too early, even on our days off.) We hung out for a little bit, but then I went home to finish preparing my room for that evening. Mike’s step-father was up for the weekend so I sent him off to do the family thing for a few hours while I got ready.

Not much remained to do. I set out his gifts, a large stuffed frog and the poem, and the card that I spent a good hour or so looking for (its important to find one that says exactly what you want to say) and sprinkled some fake rose petals across the bed. I set up some candles around the bathroom and bedroom as well, for later mood-lighting.

Then I went back to his place and picked him up. He wasn’t quite ready yet, so I hung out for a bit while he groomed and dressed… well worth the wait since he is sooo darn sexy.

Dinner was supposed to be at the Olive Garden, but the long wait found us sitting across the street eating fried zuchinni at Claim Jumpers. We decided to skip waiting and just ordered take out from Olive Garden, which we enjoyed in the more intimate setting of his bedroom. Afterwards, he presented me with what he called my “cheesy” gift. Disney has this line out of stuffed animals called Disney Kisses. Mine was Bambi and Flower nudging noses together. It is so darn cute. I’m kind of a sucker for those sorts of things so immediately got all mushy inside. I guess Mike is a bit of a sap too so we should do fine together.

Following this, we went to my place.

Here, we set to work in the kitchen and dipped a variety of fruit into chocolate and/or caramel. Strawberries, raspberries, and apples. 🙂

Then he went upstairs and I had to wait downstairs.

When I was finally allowed into my bedroom I saw the most amazing site. Real rose petals covered my floor, my bed, and in my bathroom the entire counter and bath-tub. Spread throughout all the petals were dozens of candles, all illuminating a very romantic setting. I took some video that I need to capture to the computer, and will later be posting to my website so that you can see it and feel jealous. 🙂

I was speechless. Floored is more like it. Nothing like this had ever been done for me.

We took a romantic bath, eating our fruit and sipping champagne, before moving on to the bed for hours of intimate playtime.

By far the best valentine’s day I have ever experienced. This boy is definitely bent on winning my heart and in all likelihood, that night was the night I started to fall for him.

I really am awe-struck by it. In all my short years having relationships and dating, I have never been made to feel more special than Mike made me feel this Valentine’s day. He is simply wonderful and I am so very happy to have met him and have him become a part of my world.

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