Three years and counting

February 19, 2004, marked my three year anniversary with Microsoft. I am now moving ever nearer uncharted waters and soon will be able to say that I have been employed here longer than anywhere else I’ve ever worked. That day comes sometime in March so by April I’ll be making a new record every day. 🙂

My roommate made me a peace offering yesterday. She built me a recycling center and has place a bin upstairs to collect the recyclables. Peace and harmony have been restored and my faith in the world is sharpened.

Mike and I continue to be going well. Its weird when you’ve had a crush on someone for a couple of years and then out of the blue hook up. I met Mike originally when I was living with Jonathan. I thought he was hot then, and of course he still is… and I had a bit of a crush but then he stopped coming around so I didn’t get to do anything about it. Plus I was dating this guy Stu at the time so kinda had myself tied up. Guess things were supposed to work out this way though. Things wouldn’t be as they are today if we had gotten hooked up back then. We were both younger, and I at least was a little wilder, so who is to say that it would have worked out anyway. I think I prefer to look at it as a taste of things to come and that we finally were both ready for each other.

I certainly didn’t expect this to happen though. I thought I was just going over to get stoned with a cute boy and maybe romp around as a one-nighter. Fate had something else in mind though… and here I am, six weeks later, feeling really good about things.

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