as i suspected

my wisdom teeth were pulled out of me a week ago tomorrow. finally..

and i flossed for the first time since the operation today. as i anticipated, the removal of the excess molars has resulted in the remaining ones having room to move around. No longer are they piled on top of each other, and sufficient space exists between them to fit the floss in there to clean. you have no idea how happy that makes me. flossing has always been the achilles heal of my dental hygenie regiment. primarily because it was so damn hard and painful to get the stupid floss between my back teeth. now i can do it with ease. i wonder, if over the course of the next few years, if all my teeth find themselves aligned (more or less) without the need for braces? i remember that all of my adult teeth grew in behind the baby teeth, and as I lost more, the new ones were able to move forward on my jaw and settle into their proper place. particularly my cuspids, i recall, being a bit behind the plane where the rest of my teeth end up. on my top teeth, they self-corrected, though my bottom teeth have remained somewhat crowded with the cuspids remaining slightly behind the rest. so it will be interesting to see.

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