Is the karmatic repercussions worse if you wrong a pagan?

I wonder.

Probably selfish though, thinking it would be worse for someone that crossed me, versus crossing my muggle (yes, it IS now a word… stupid Oxford) brothers and sisters.

I sorta had a brief spat last night with my man’s best friend. He got tissy because i had to leave and go take care of my dogs. Essentially the result of a communication break-down. I did not know prior to leaving my house that I wasn’t coming right back home. So I left my dog in the cold out-doors and my roommate’s dog locked in her cage… unable to relieve her bowels and bladder. Found out after i picked up Mike there was a dinner plan, which I tried to indicate I didn’t want to be a part of, but to no avail.

Well, i was going to just suffer through it (i wasn’t feeling very good yesterday… read my posting from yesterday afternoon). And I called my roommate to see if she was home to let my dog in from the cold. Found out she was working and would be working for awhile longer.

I had to go deal with them.

Then this punk child decides to lay into me because I’m bailing.

Perhaps I am too kind and respectful. instead of lashing back, I respected that this was his home and simply walked out.

Today I’m still aggravated about it.

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