migraine update

for those of you following my tale of blindness and headaches… i did go see my doctor. what i have described sounds like a cluster migraine and I have been referred to a neurologist for further consultation. Unfortunately, I can’t get in to see him until May 21st.

In the meantime I’ve been instructed to take the medicine my doctor previously prescribed for me as it certainly seems to help. I had been experiencing what I thought might be migraines (much weaker than what I experienced as a child… but still localized to my left eye) about a month or so ago. He said to take this medicine (i forget what it is called) the next time I had such a headache. If it helped, then there was a good chance that it was indeed a migraine. If it did nothing, then we could pretty much rule out migraines as the cause.

I am very happy that the drugs available for treating migraines today are much stronger than they were when I was a kid and living with these horrible pains.

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