visual clarity

i am experiencing something really scary…

I am watching as my ability to resolve images fails.

it started as a brief blur in my vision…… now I’m having trouble reading things…

at least i know how to type

could be stress… could be hunger.

i didn’t eat anything today… just had coffee, some water, and a soda.

started after the soda. was sitting here typing an email when all of the sudden my brain could not resolve the text i was typing.

now I’ve got almost like a pulsing or something.

seems related to my right eye.

starting to get a headache

peripheral vision in right eye appears affected.

i am reminded of Rick who witnesses his vision narrow at the onset of a migraine.

i have eaten an energy bar because that is all that was available here at my desk.

still hungry… however it seems like i can read things a little bit better.

increased the lighting in my cubicle to reduce eye-strain

peripheral vision may actually be fine….. but i definitely think something is amiss with my right eye.

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