so it begins again.

Did you call me from home earlier?




Lots of things going through my head that you wouldn’t understand.


Seriously. I don’t get why it is so hard to talk to me about things when those things involve me. If I’ve done something wrong… just let me know. If something I said or did has triggered a bunch of thoughts in your head that cause you concern.. talk to me about them. I’m supposed to be your boyfriend. I’m tired of my actions resulting in “hmmmm” and nothing more. Said nothing that needs explaining. You wouldn’t understand if I told you. How the hell would you know if you haven’t tried?

i should really just remain single and cut this crap out of my life.

3 Replies to “so it begins again.”

  1. That is the most annoying thing that anyone could ever do, especially someone you are dating. The “I’ll want to talk to you about something later” or “I’m having problems but I don’t want to talk about it yet” or other such line are the first signs that the relationship has some underlying issues. But you’re still early in the relationship so you can work through the trust issues. Just smack him a couple times. 😉

  2. Perhaps
    Perhaps he has tried the communication route and you failed to listen and understand why your actions would affect him the way they do. Maybe you should empathize with his feelings. Maybe you shouldn’t READ too DEEP on HHMmmmmm!!! Sometimes some things are better left unsaid 🙂

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