No more bird…

I had been waiting and waiting to return it to the care of its rightful owner, but time has claimed him.

The little bird living in my home passed away this morning.

He was old.

And it was probably just his time.

In a strange way i will miss him though… his chirping and clicking and other noise.

I feel bad too cause we just got his cage all fixed up nice for him too.


As much as I wanted to get rid of him, I find myself pretty sad to learn he is dead.

Well, I guess now he is free to soar the skies, and not locked up in a bird cage.

The little dinosaur I used to call him.

I hate death.

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  1. three months later
    the corpse has finally been removed from my fridge and snet to the landfill for burial. i had hoped to provide a more personal farewell, but my dog likes to dig… and i didn’t want the bird’s remains eaten.
    So the bird is now buried at the final resting place of some pets that went before him: Wedo and Thumper (who were previously buried in my backyard but later unburied by a dog and played with).
    Three months later I am still saddened a bit when I think about the bird.

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