I spent this past weekend in Oklahoma, a state I have never before been to (not even through their airport).

It was nice to finally get to see my grandmother. My grandfather had flown to Reno on his way to Mammoth a couple days before I left, so I didn’t get to visit much with him, but he will be staying the night with me tonight.

Oklahoma is very green. Lots of trees and lots of grass. The soil there, filled with iron, is red. Its sorta like mars with plant life.

My grandmother told me a funny story about myself.

When I was three years old, I told her that I wished my head was bigger.

“Why do you wish your head was bigger?” she asked.

“Because my brain would be bigger,” I replied, “and then I could think more.”


Yeah. I can see myself saying that. My head has gotten bigger, though I don’t know about the old brain. I’ve certainly thought a lot in the 23 years since.

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