the blue moon cometh

My boyfriend was greeted today, upon his return home from work, to a blue moon special all of my own.

Wild animalness got into me today.

Heather came by earlier too. I was really surprised. She’s lost even more weight than the last time I saw her and its looking good. Kinda had to do a double take there when i opened the door. She seems to be more happy and healthier… her spirits seem up more. I dig it. And soon the Sims 2 will be out and I can corrupt her further.

But the blue moon…… which is actually tomorrow…..

It has touched itself upon me this eve. Awoken some of the darker sides of my being. (As radiant full moons [near-full or not] tend to do… you’ve watched movies about werewolves and vampires and things that go bump in the night.)

But my mind has been on more magickal things this evening.

It might also have some attribution to my varied stones and such… which I found sitting out in the open and played with before putting away. When I think about it, spread out instead of bowled together isn’t bad… perhaps even a better configuration… afterall, its a somewhat larger display of shiny things to attract the wondrous astral creatures I’ve come to adore so much.


I think its best if I’m the one to do it. Actually, it would also be helpful if I actually knew what some of them are. Some of them I can identify, others I forget or never even knew.


I am soon off to the store as I am craving a salad. Not just any salad. But a Shaun Super Blue Moon Special Salad like only I can make. (It’s interesting to me that in my quest for the perfect food as say a club sandwhich, mine is still hands-down the best out there.)

The Blue Moon arrives tomorrow. The next one won’t be around until June 2007.

Fore more information, please visit my favorite web site:
(Please note that this webpage is updated regularly and the information likely will be replaced after July 31, 2004.

So says the grey.

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  1. I have now taken a very very strong interest on the Blue Moon affect on you. Especially this animal side 🙂 Once in a Blue Moon, to see that side of you…Priceless!!

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