Cute Kittens

As I pulled up towards my house today, I saw both cats sitting on the white chair that is next to our front door. Narc, upon noticing my car does this sort of double-take thing which looked to me like “hey, it is him.” at which point Seven sits up and stretches before hopping off the chair to follow Narc toward my driveway. They both sit down next to my car after I park it and wait for me to open the door. Upon doing so they greet me with their respective meows and then follow me up the walk and into the house.

Later, I was sitting in the bathtub. Both of the pets in this house that are actually mine seem strangely fascinated with the plumbing. I even commented on such to Dax. “You’re just like Seven,” I said, “Strangely interested in the plumbing.” Sure enough, a short while later, who hops up on to the tub? Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of UnimatrixZero.

Yay, my vacation starts -2.75 hours ago!

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