That’s it. I am going to renounce my status as an American

well, i’ll wait a bit and see what happens come election day….

but this is sadness. My own family would cast a vote to strip me of the very thing that makes me an American—LIBERTY.

My sister has kindly informed that she is voting for the greatest evil our nation has known in this century (G W Bush), and of course all her reasoning is based on fallacious logic and the misinformation fed into her brain….

Yes. My family too is blinded by the political machine.

So I stand alone and the very principles of American culture are under fire.

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  1. Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that hun. You should come hang out with my stepmum and I, we’re very anti-Bush. Plus my father is on the bashing (with the exception of 2nd amendment including the purchase of nuclear weapons). Actually, I would love to have a conversation about politics with you in person. We have interesting discussions but they are never “real life,” as is the vast majority of our conversations (totally NOT a commentary, no…not at all!!!). Anyway, DEFEAT TERRORISM, VOTE KERRY!

    1. Defeat Terrorism—Vote Kerry
      Yes, because the greatest terrorist threat to the United States currently resides at 1800 Pensylvania Avenue, Washington, DC

  2. You coulc move to Vancouver, BC with me. Seriously — fi W “wins” again, that is where I’m going. I need to get the fuck out of this country before the Gestapo takes over completely.

    1. “wins” or wins?
      course either way, the US of A is fucked.
      John Kerry IS a douchebag, but i’ll vote for him anyway.
      for real though…. Canada, Norway, Denmark, these are societies that seem to truly understand the most basic of American principles: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
      So Aleksei… what’s your email these days? I never hear from you anymore.

        1. Re: “wins” or wins?
          Scratch out Norway. I read today that half of their population lives below sea level. Not that I necessarily mind that. But I also read today that some scientists are forecasting that by 2050-2080 about three-quarters of the glaceirs in the Swiss Alps (or are the glaciers the Swiss Alps??) will have melted due to global warming. This of course will lead to rising sea levels and Norway is pretty close to Switzerland… basically half of the Norwegians will be swimming with the fishes… literally. Since 2080 will be well within my lifetime, this is pretty distressing.
          When it comes to global warming, it is not a question of whether its a natural phenomena or not, but rather, what the hell are we going to do about it? In addition to the flooding of Norway and vast tracks of Europe… people all around the globe are going to start dropping from the frequent and more intensive heat waves. So going to higher ground is just as futile as dewlling below the sea. (Unless you are in, say, a submersible vessel or habitat; in which case you will be well protected from solar radiation…that is until global warming gets really outta control and the oceans start to boil.)
          At anyrate, we are all going to feel super intensified effects from the Sun God sometime in the not-really-that-distant future.

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