Time for a bigger hammer

I want to thank Skeeter Sanders of Vermont for a very important letter to the editor of PlanetOut.

Here is the link, but I am reposting the text of the message here because its exactly the information I wanted but haven’t gotten aroudn to looking up:

With all of these state laws and constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage, I am angry that gay-marriage supporters are allowing these measures to spread like wildfire and not kill them all in one fell swoop with a federal lawsuit to have them all struck down under the U.S. Constitution.
Every one of these laws violates the landmark 1996 U.S. Supreme Court ruling (Romer v. Evans) that states cannot deliberately single out gay people for exclusion from civil and constitutional rights guaranteed to all other Americans under the 14th Amendment.

Nor has anyone invoked the high court’s equally landmark 1967 ruling (Loving v. Virginia) that marriage is a fundamental human right protected by the U.S. Constitution. (This ruling struck down laws that banned interracial marriage in 16 states.)

These measures impose through the full force of the state a religious doctrine that condemns homosexuality as “an abomination.” They also seek to declare sacred what, contrary to popular belief, is a secular institution created by the state (civil marriage), which is separate from the religious sacrament of holy matrimony. This clearly violates the First Amendment separation of church and state.

And they openly defy last year’s high court ruling (Lawrence v. Texas) that gay people have a constitutional right to conduct their private relationships without government interference.

It is time to end the mishmash of state lawsuits to block these anti-gay-marriage measures and hit them full frontal with a class-action federal lawsuit. They clearly violate the U.S. Constitution, and only a Supreme Court ruling can wipe them out, once and for all.

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