vanilla ice


so mike has new hair. its blonde. sorta. does kinda have that vanilla ice thing going.

it looks stupid.

that is the least of my worries though.

i made a tactical error some months ago that I finally came clean about yesterday. I haven’t been broken up with yet… so i take that as a good sign.

there is this guy Nick that I talked to online. talk about the more intellectual things Mike isn’t in to enough to carry a converstation about. shit like rocket science.


Becaue of a poor choice of judgment on my part, Mike was under the impression that Nick and I had never actually met in person. Which was untrue. We had coffee once.

but i didn’t say that originally.

oh well.

its out there now. and i think it was the right thing to tell him.

even if it broke his heart.

there are many shades of grey. it was a dark one indeed to pull a stunt like that.

2 Replies to “vanilla ice”

    1. deeper than that i’m afraid
      well on the surface that may be true… but it isn’t so much that I had coffee with someone as it is about me not exactly being truthful about having met the person.

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