We can win the war on terror by spreading liberty?

Bush is quoted with the following:

“We will win by staying on the offensive, we will win by spreading liberty,” Bush told the veterans.

in this article: http://abcnews.go.com/wire/Politics/ap20040831_1413.html

So. We can win the war on terror by spreading liberty. Great. Lets start right here at home. I want my liberty restored as a member of the minority group known as homosexuality. Afterall, we don’t want gays turning terrorist. Think what that would do to the fall line!!!

And Bush says Senator McCain is guilty of Washington double-talk.


AMERICANS. GET A FREAKIN CLUE. DO YOU WANT FREEDOM? DO YOU WANT LIBERTY? Then don’t support a man who wants to strip you of the most basic ideals of America…. don’t vote for George W. Bush.

I think liberty outshines any other consideration. I care less about taxes, less about national security, less about education, less about anything than I care about each and every citizen of the United States being treated fairly and most importantly EQUALLY under the law. I care less about terrorists than I care about minorities being protected in their civil rights.

I have said it before, I will say it again. AMERICA. YOUR VERY SOUL IS UNDER ATTACK. That which makes the United States a shining beacon of freedom and hope in the world is about to get extinguished…perhaps forever. In the four years we have been “led” by President George W. Bush, that becon has grown dimmer. How dim will you let it get?

Or do we really want a communist state?

What business does the United States have spreading liberty when we deny it to our own citizens?

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