my dog’s tail

i thought i would share this too.

i was looking at my dog’s tail the other day. Dax is like a tasmanian devil. Constantly spinning in his quest to catch his tail. Sometimes he is successful and gets a good hold of it in his teeth. But then he chews on it.

He’s chewed on it so much that he’s pretty much bald on the end of his tail now.

Looks like he has a skin disease or something. Reality is, he just chews on his tail too much.

He was cute this morning too.

Dax likes to sleep on something other than a floor. I think i’ve spoiled him by giving him a doggy pillow-bed. He isn’t kenneled every night like he was when he was younger. He’s proven himself trustworthy enough to roam my bedroom while I sleep. No messes, no chewed up furniture or belongings. He’s a good boy.

lately we’ve noticed he likes to park himself on whatever clothing Mike has left on the floor. i guess he likes to be near something that smells like us.

well last night nothing was left on the floor for him… except some underware i threw down there during the lovemaking session before bed time.

when i woke up… sure as his tail is bald, there was dax curled up around this small piece of clothing I left for him.

my puppy must love me.

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