I was probed yesterday much like I was an abductee. No little green men though. Just a rather amusing doctor. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy they call it. Anyway. We found something abnormal and now i’m waiting on biopsy results. Could just be an ulcer, but may be a pallup. No bueno.

And its confirmed that the likely cause of my bleeding is hemrhoids so i’ve been ordered on a fiber rich diet. Pineapple anyone? Thankfully fiber rich foods come in appealing form factors. Like the pineapple, or mellons. Fresh fruits and raw vegetables, which I like anyway. 🙂 So i just have to eat more of them.

My car was repossessed yesterday too so I’m without wheels for the time being. Hopefully I can get that squared away on payday next Friday. Pricks they are. They didn’t do the repo right as best as I can tell. Trying to get on the phone with a lawyer to find out for sure, but i may have a lawsuit out of this.

And my cat is missing for a week now.

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