Holiday Humbugs

Here it is the middle of the month and all I wanted to do today is get my decorating freaking over with.


Now my “help” is gone. Two of them I sent off so that I could get some quality time with my boyfriend only to have him up and leave minutes later.

And where is he going? Home to sit around and relax and smoke weed.

So I sit here, relaxing, in my half finished house, smoking weed. ALONE.

All so he can call me and talk to me on the fucking phone five or six times.

It just so damn retarded I had to turn my phone off.

Why do I have a boyfriend again? I guess its more fun to talk on a telephone than to hang out together. I haven’t really enjoyed doing that since sophomore year or so.

Oh well.

Another night all by myself.

What a sad sad holiday this is becoming. Maybe I should save myself the trouble and not finish. It’ll be less to take down in two weeks. And then I’ll have all the cobwebs I need for next year.

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  1. You can’t not decorate your house!!! It’s always so nice to see people put effort into the holidays, especially this one! Sorry to hear about the boy. Talking on the phone is okay if the person is not close enough to spend time together physically. Give him a stern talking to. Oh, a boy nibbled on my neck! I have to chat with you about it!

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