In real news today

The Ansari X Prize has been run.

Now on to the X Cup!!!!

Congrats to Burt Rutan, his team, and SpaceShipOne for its third successful flight, and second within a week.

Perhaps Rutan and Scaled Composites will soon begin work on SpaceShipTwo in time to snag the newly announced America’s Space Prize. Wouldn’t it be great if we could catch a ride up on a SpaceShipOne like vehicle, orbit the earth a few times, and then dock with one of the orbiting hotels?

I know where i’ll be spending my vacations.

Well, this means that my one outstanding goal in life… to achieve a low-earth orbit, is now only a matter of years away. Hell, by 2010 I should be up there, circling the world, looking down and seeing the true face of God… my planet…

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