Dreams of a lost kitten

I’ve had two dreams now that my kitten came home. Jimmy mentioned that she may well just be accessing my brain in an attempt to find her way home.

The first dream, I am pretty sure Mike’s mom was also present in. She came to town last night, but alas has left already… I was hoping that was an omen. Last night I dreamt that I was on my way out someplace and Seven walked in as I opened the door to leave.

I have made up some more fliers. I will be going door-to-door handing them out. I also launched an internet campaign yesterday to try and get the message out that way. I figure with six degrees of separation, I should be able to email whomever has my cat within a few forwarding cycles of my original email message (its basically treated like a chain-letter… i send it to you, you send it to everyone you know, they send it to everyone they know, and so forth). If it works for politicians and scammers, maybe it will work for me.


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