Post Holiday Posting

This is my post-holiday post to my LiveJournal.

Christmas was, per my plan, uneventful and unremarkable.

Mike and I sung on the Karaokee Revolution. I surprised him with a successful rendition of Toxic, only to be informed it is a Britany Spears song. My subsequent performance was, of course, seriously flawed. Perhaps because I knew whose song I was singing?

Anyway, that was the begining and end of my Karaokee career I think.

Later, we fried up a turkey and had a christmas dinner. It was spoiled for Mike though because our roommate Julio mixed the brown gravy with the turkey gravy. While it was good, Mike does not like the brown gravy and I had to go out and get him new turkey gravy to get him to eat dinner. I got my jello dessert thing, a family recipie, successfully prepared this time. I made it for Thanksgiving also, but didn’t do it right. It was still good though.

In other news, I found out that my dad got engaged over the holiday. I will soon have a new step-mom and step-sister.

And so the Clan of Burks continues to grow…

Now I am back at work and hating it. It was more fun when I didn’t have to do anything but sit around the house in my pajamas.

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