Snow of the Apocolypse

There is easily a foot and a half of snow in my yard. I managed to unbury my car. It made it out of the driveway, but no further. Two of us had to push it back in while a third gave it gas.

I have never before seen this much snow in Reno. Fortunantly for me, my employers are not insane and had the wisdom to close the facilities. For our own safety we were urged to not come to work today.

Mike is not so fortunate. His employers are insane. But alas, there is little Mike can do. If the Defiant can not make it out, his little Hyundi is now just an ice sculpture. In the end the insanity appears to be only temporary as Mike is now off through Sunday.

So. The house of the homos is all snowed in. And more snow is on its way.

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