What a bunch of crap this was

Yesterday Reno, NV finally experienced some decent weather. Today is actually hugely nicer than yesterday was weatherwise.

So yesterday I took my dirty little car down for a quick cleaning (snow could be here again any minute with our weather) to get the grime off and ready for the next storm.

My car looked damn good.

So this morning, I come out to my good-looking, clean vehicle, and discover there are water droplets all over it. I was a little miffed cause I just had it clean and now i’ll have dirty windows again. But I kinda anticipated that we’d get more rain. But then it occured to me. It was still on my car. There weren’t any clouds in the sky. I started looking around the cul-de-sac. Mike’s car, parked right next to mine, had a few drops on it as well. I looked at the neighbors cars. No water at all on any of them. No water anywhere actually. Nothing on the ground, sidewalks, nothing. I thought maybe the sprinklers had come back to life, but even my grass was dry.

The source of this water is a mystery. And now i need some windex!

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