Microsof to tackle SpyWare

So I just got referred over to a beta software page for the up and coming Microsoft AntiSpyware software.

Check it out:


I like the concept of having my computer join forces with yours to combat spyware proliferation.

I also hope that when I put this on my home machine, it finally gets rid of the piece of spyware that keeps showing back up no matter how often I delete it with Pest Patrol.

Anyway, if you have a legit version of Windows (and shame on you if you don’t) than you should help out in the Beta of this product. Your participation helps make the final version that much better.

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  1. It did
    by the way, that pesking piece of spyware that kept returning was finally eradicated for good by the happy Microsoft Antispyware tool. Score 1 for Microsoft and subtract some points for Pest Patrol. Its been replaced!

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