A Day of Days

Well, quite a day this is already turning into…

So yesterday I adopted a new kitty from the Animal Shelter. She is all black. I haven’t had an all-black cat since Lloth so i’m kinda stoked. I saw her playing in her cage at the pound. She seemed way to happy for a cat that was in a cage. Actually kinda ignored me to play with whatever it was she had in there, whilst all the other cats either looked at me sadly or meowed at me to free them. She seems to have personality which is a must in my pets. She is at the vetrinarian today getting spayed, rabie shots, and a microchip implanted. I get to bring her home tonight. I still miss my Seven though. I’m trying to decide on a name for the new one. Shadow, Six, Nerys, Lloth (II), Cleopatra, and Takhisis are all names I have in my head. Maybe I should talk to her. I want a cool witchy name for my cool witchy cat. πŸ˜‰ I could call her Baal I suppose. Or not. Apparently I’m mistaking him for Bast. ;p Okay. So Stargate SG1 isn’t entirey stupid in their use of Egyptian deities (though Thoth still got shafted).

This website has some nice male egyptian names: http://matmice.com/home/maleegyptian
This one has some nice female egyptian names: http://matmice.com/home/femaleegyptian

One I got off that is Kanika which means Black. That one is kinda cool and may well stick. Or I could call here Keket, Goddess of Darkness. If said fast it kinda sounds like kitty-cat πŸ™‚ Now I want an all-white and an all-gray kitten to go with her. I suppose I could just ask her what she’d prefer.

Today is also my puppy’s birthday! He is 2 years old today. I wanted to get him a doggy-cake and make him wear some party hats. Thought it would make a good photo op. Alas the finances do not allow for the expense of a dog-friendly cake, though maybe the party hats can still happen. I wonder if he’d wear it long enough for me to snap a photo? Awww. I remember when he was still small enough to fit in my lap. (Sob.)

I hope Mike wasn’t mean to him this morning. It’s his birthday after all. Hopefully he starts to calm down now that he’s older. I love him, but he’s a little whirlwind. He’s a pretty good dog though so I let him spin. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure he’s just happy that he got let out to potty and fed this morning. It doesn’t take a lot to please him. Even the daily routine is good for Dax.

I wish my mornings would go that smoothly. I finally made it to work before 9:00 instead of after it. This week has not been good for my prompt attendance at work. πŸ™ I missed my staff meeting on Tuesday entirely because I got here so late. I wish my boyfriend would get it through his head that the nature of my job is different from most. I don’t have a set schedule. I come in when I’m needed. Some days I’m not needed until after 9, other days I am needed at 8. Some days I may be needed at 6 am. There just isn’t a typical day at Microsoft. Thats why I like it. No routine here. Nothing to grow tired of. I do grow rather tired of the morning skirmishes that seem to go along with me going to work anytime before 9:00. Ah. I remember the days when I was at work everyday at 8:00. Then Mike and I got together and I’m lucky if I’m here by 8:30. Most of this is my fault because I allow it to happen. But he feels so good to cuddle next to in the mornings that I want to stay there as much as he wants me to stay there. Its so often a trade of for me though… a few more minutes of sleep, or a blow-job. If I opt for the prior, I get an unhappy boyfriend and if I opt for the latter, I’m probably going to be late anyway. And if I decline suddenly I’m turned off by him. Nevermind the pounding I gave him the night before. Its like a no-win situation for me every day. At least I got his company all night. I remember waking up in the night and being shocked he was still there!

Somewhere along this day I need to get my oil changed too. Naturally it is raining. It always rains when I want my oil changed. Okay, so that was more true with Goldie Horn than it is with Defiant. But Defiant still finds its complimentary car-wash voided by weather often enough.

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