Another dead end on the road of life

I awoke alone today
The place that was his
is now cold and empty
Only an echo of him
to greet me on a new day

And so I sit here
once again alone
a victim of my own rage
trapped in my own head
bleeding from my self-inflicted wound

I’ve crushed my own world
Stomped upon my own dreams
Destroyed my own hopes
Stabbed the knife in my own heart

And now I weep for what I’ve destroyed
Mourn that which I pushed away
This road has ended
Yet my travels have brought me nowhere

The Abyss still lies before me
Each step forward pushes me back
No escape from myself
Self destruction is my path

I reach out to whatever will take my hand
but only find the embrace of the night
all that consoles me is my tears
crying myself to sleep for my only release

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