Farewell Enterprise

It got off to a really great start and then ended with a really loud dud.

Star Trek Enterprise, indeed Star Trek the Franchise, is no more.

Seconds after the final scene, I felt that feeling you get when you are suddenly saddened to the point of tears. I actually cried.. if only for a second. Generally the only emotion I get at television is the misty-eyed routine and the occaisonal tear that streaks down my cheek when there is too much of this misty-eyed-ness for my little eyelashes to hold back anymore.

Star Trek invoked two such tears.

Not for the final episode though. That was just trash. I didn’t even get to see the NX-01 during its final voyage. Instead I had to wait to the very end at what was perhaps the episodes only nice touch… three starships named Enterprise and three captains uttering the immortal words that began the phenomenah that is Star Trek: “Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

My tears were not for that. Or for the series I only recently started to enjoy. My tears were for the loss of something that has always been a measure of security in my otherwise troubled world. No more Star Trek will be made for my weekly viewing pleasure.

Week after week since 1987, when I was but a young lad full of wonder and imagination, I have looked foward to the next new episode. No more. Trek’s future is uncertain. In a few years, as Malcom and Mayweather mused, another starship Enterprise may warp into my living room. Then again it may not. That may well be the very last television episode of Star Trek to be made.

Thats what made me sad. The realization that what has become my weekly ritual is over, never to return. Before I always knew Star Trek was just in hiatus between seasons. Even as TNG, DS9, and Voyager came to an end I still had a new series to look forward too.

I’ve grown up on Star Trek and to say it hasn’t influenced who I am, or the life I lead would be a lie. It has been a religion to me in the most literal sense, shaping my views of what it means to be human. Through it I’ve explored the deep spaces of my own psyche and personality, shaped my perspective on life and the world, and dreamed of the future I wish to help deliver.

And now all i have are the memories of a time that is lost to me. A part of me bid its own farewell as the curtain fell on my beloved Star Trek. Its like losing part of your family, or your childhood pet, or seeing your childhood home bulldozed to make room for a shiny new apartment complex.

Brannon Bragga, Rick Berman, and UPN: You suck.

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