The New Cat

So my new little kitten is just the sweetest thing on the planet. She is soooo cute and soooo sweet. Discovered that she is declawed (I believe all four paws) which means she is definitely staying an indoor kitty. Kinda nice though cause I can really play with her and not have to worry about getting scratched.

She doesn’t seem to mind being held, which is something Seven only tolerated me doing (and then only for short periods of time).

You would never know the thing had a hystorectomy yesterday. She bounded around like nothing happened. I got some video and some pictures I snapped. Can’t find the cable to get the pics onto the computer to post them. 🙁 It will turn up though. I should take some time this weekend to transfer my video clips to my website so you all can see her (and Seven).

I haven’t decided on a name yet, but currently its weighing between Kanika and Cleo(patra) or maybe Cleocatra.

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  1. I finally fixed the picture of my mum’s cat on my lj. He’s such a sweetheart who murders every small animal around their house. You’d never know he was so vicious looking at him.

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