A new twist to an old dream

Yup, its even more plausible now than it was last year. One of these days I will have a baby and it will be genetically mine and my partner’s offspring… even though neither of us have a womb, or the ability to produce human eggs for fertilization. ;p Now, who will be the “mom”? We await the religious-based condemnations now.


As if the world of stem cell research needed more controversy, a study
to be presented in Copenhagen today by British scientists shows that the future
could produce lab-created ova and sperm. It could even mean that homosexual
partners could produce children that are the genetic match of both

Stem Cell Breakthrough Means Everybody Could Conceive

The study will be presented by Professor
Henry Moore of the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Stem Cell Biology to the
European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Taking six lines
of stem cells donated by couples having in vitro fertilization treatment,
scientists found that the stem cells could be made into primordial germ cells
and eventually into eggs and sperm.

Though the researchers stopped short
of actually producing gametes (eggs or sperm), they believe their early research
indicates a strong possibility of producing them in the future.

process is also potentially useful in understanding how ovaries and testes
develop and how they may be affected by pollutants. Primordial germ cells are
formed too early fetal development for scientists to study them. But one of the
leading theories about infertility is that is has something to do with
environmental toxins.

“Many scientists believe that environmental
chemical pollutants that mimic the action of hormones might interfere with human
development at this stage and cause congenital abnormalities, infertility and
possibly cancer, in particular testicular cancer,” Moore said.

infertile couples would surely benefit from the implications of this research,
homosexuals would also be able to take advantage of it.

breakthrough in stem cell research, in theory, would allow the DNA to be taken
from a man and traded with the DNA in an egg. Once fertilized by his partner,
and carried by a surrogate mother, the resulting embryo would be a genetic
combination of the two men.

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