A world beneath my feet

Yes so. I ventured into the Nevada wilderness yesterday. Somewhere along the Truckee River as it winds its way eastward towards fernley.

I was looking about at the mountains and rocks and stuff and just letting it all sink in. There is a lot of detail out there. This world is anything but barren, even in the so-called barren desert. Its teeming with life. There’s no where you can look and not see some evidence of it.

Browned plants, dried from the blistering heat no doubt. And an army of fire ants going to and fro.

I was musing to myself how much like Mars or Titan Earth really is. Strip away all the foilage and Nevada would be an excellent representation of what all the other imaged rocky planets look like. Which just goes to show that Earth isn’t all that unique.

I was rather displeased by the amount of trash strung about. It makes me dispise people. But the notion did occur to me that when Earth becomes a barren rock like Mars, at least there will be trash strung about to distinguish us from our cousin worlds.

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