in regards to the supreme court nomination

stole this from an article discussion possible candidates:

Advocacy groups on the left and the right already are gearing up for a fierce
lobbying campaign in advertisements on television, radio, newspapers and the
Internet. The battle is expected to cost tens of millions of dollars in spending
by private groups.

Private group or not, don’t we have better things to throw our money at? Its kinda funny that we will waste tens of millions of dollars on lobbying but can’t find the money to feed the hungry.

Clearly our priorities need adjusting in the US.

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    1. i just think there are better things for us to do than wage PR wars. it might not be so bad if these things facilitated intelligent thought and debate over a given candidate… but we all know thats not how it works in our political propaganda machinary.

          1. i have a rather vast live journal here in which i’ve spelled out many concerns i have for society. pick any of those. 🙂

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