Jedi Mind Tricks

Yes. It finally worked. The power of the Q is slowly growing in me.

So there I was, sitting in the food court of the Peppermill, enjoying a BLT and some fries when I realized I was without any of the Heinz.

Across the way, by the cash registers, the bottle taunted me, beckoning at me with its red saucy goodness.

So I stuck up my hand and started to pull it towards me, with only the power of thought.

Wouldn’t you know it, but at that exact moment, the waiter grabbed the bottle, and carried it over to me.

Kinda freaked those at my table out. Cause I had mentioned using Jedi Mind Powers to get the bottle, and this kid James that was there also said something about using Jedi Mind Powers. And lo and behold, Jedi Mind Powers seem to have worked this time.

I get to go to the American Flats soon.

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