More ruminations

So my cat ran away again. This time she was found by some people who posted some signs up to help me locate her. She needs a collar I think, before she runs off and is never heard from again. I liked their description of her: Black with no markings, smart, friendly, and apparently used to a dog. Yeah, she’s fearless like that.

I find myself restless of late. Located my body pillow so at least now I have something to curl up around. I’ve gotten so damn used to having someone to cuddle up to every night and morning that its been hard to sleep right. The body pillow I named Phil years ago and it does its job. Not a true substitute, but close enough. Thought the evil forces of Mike had taken it, but alas it was just shoved in a corner and forgotten. Of course I found myself on top of it, pushing my wood into it this morning. I guess I’m in need of some luvin and sexual gratification.

Lately I’ve just been trying to burn through time. Put ever more distance between me and my past. I guess I figure the longer that passes, the less I’ll care. So the faster my days go, the sooner it’ll be months ago, and finally years ago.

And this damn heat. My body is starting to succumb. I can’t keep myself hydrated enough. Though last night the kidney’s started acting up just after I finished off a bottle of water. Man that shit hurts. A part of me just wants to let the old body wind down though. I’ve grown quite tired of this life. But there is still more for me to do here so I guess I have little choice but to chug along.

Four more days, if I count today, and my Holy Night of Sci Fi will return, albeit without any Enterprise or other Star Trek to witness. Its kinda bittersweet. Battlestar Galactica will carry me through though. Ron Moore rocks.

Sometimes I wish life were a video game. Then I could go on murderous rampages and punish those who cross my path.

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