Strange phone behavior

So i dont really know whats happening here, but i’ve gotten two strange messages on my phone today. They were text-messages or email messages sent to the phone. Both from numbers I don’t recognize. One just saying, please call. The other talking about hanging out, or not. The first i haven’t tried to call, the second is a disconnected number. How does a disconnected number send me mail anyway?

And why can’t people be bothered to identify themselves?

Is it no reason I hate them?

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    1. hmmm… maybe. i dunno. i got the message yesterday. which isn’t to say my phone isn’t being stupid and just sent me it late. the number given was disconnected though.
      does your number start with 359?
      Incidentally, for you avid readers there, I did manage to figure out the first message and who that was.

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