Strange thoughts and strange dreams

I chalk this up more to a conversation I had last night regarding children for gays…

But I had a dream I was a dad. A newborn baby. Not sure if it was a boy or girl, I think a girl. My sister mysteriously had a baby at exactly the same time. But I think it was more akin to adoption cause I don’t recall a mom being in the picture for mine.

At anyrate, I was overjoyed cause it was now me and this baby taking on life.

But it died. And that made me sad. I was composed about it til I saw my sister again and then I broke down and cried all over her blue dress. It was a pretty dress too as I said as much to her. Or at least she looked pretty in it. But my sister is gorgeous anyway. And trouble. ;p

There was more I was gonna write, but I became distracted with work and don’t remember what it was.

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