The Weekend of Horror


So it was an interesting weekend. Kinda eventful. I’m still reeling a little bit from being out and about in the world. Its just not like me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But Friday was the return of legends… a night of sci-fi. The return of all those series I have left to watch. Well Sci-Fi series. Lost and 24 dont return until Fall.

It was good.

Then Saturday I finally subjected myself to the madness that is the Rocky Horror Picture show. No longer am I the only gay man never to have seen it. (Well, who knows if that was ever really true). Frankly, I think i’d have preferred to remain in the dark about it. I had a great group I went with. The kind that knows all the lines and stuff. While their constant heckling was the only amusing aspect of the whole show, I still found myself quite bored with it.

I was defiled and branded the virgin i was though. thankfully i wasn’t selected for the on-stage devirginification. that woulda sucked. but i was a guy (they only picked girls… cause the body cast members that were men were taking the cherries and that involved kissing-like activity. i was also far too far away to be seen/selected. coincidence? i think not.

I dunno. I’ll probably go again next year, but only to hang out with Rory, Cheyenne, and Rick.

Speaking of which. I have now a plan for future living accomodations. If and when Rory and Cheyenne get their house (and they kinda want the one next door to Rick’s which would be super cool), I get to be the roommate. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah, the fun I will have living with those two. We’ve concluded we need a minimum of 3 televisions in the living room to make us all happy. That way we can all play our respective game, and still be able to hang out.

Sunday was boring as all hell. Baking in the heat. Watching movie after movie. I’m so sick of television. I want my Xbox.

And today I’m just generally ready for an end to life on this rock.

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